Education Welfare

Dedicated to improving attendance in educational settings by putting children at the heart of everything we do.

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Our mission

We believe that by working together we can ensure your pupils attend regularly. Our team is expert in making a difference.

Making an impact

Children have a right to education and we have tried and tested approaches to improve attendance. We can provide a tailored service for all educational settings to help support vulnerable children.

Their safety matters

We believe that children should feel safe, secure and protected. Our training keeps senior leaders and safeguarding coordinators up to date with the latest requirements. 

Working in partnership

Tackling underachievement by working closely with families, carers and children to understand their unique circumstances and overcome barriers to learning.

Early intervention

We can assist you with early help assessments and in developing a whole school approach to attendance.

Our bespoke training on attendance issues will enable you to see a lasting impact.

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What people say about us

Chris Roberts, Commissioning & Quality Assurance Officer
Croydon Council

"We commissioned Octavo to provide EWS support for pupils in commissioned education provision. Since then I have been pleased with the enthusiasm, initiative and energy they have bought to the work and they’ve not been phased by the complexity of some of cases they’ve dealt with."

Ann Peters (Senior Assistant Headteacher)
Purley Oaks Primary

"The Education Welfare Service we are receiving from Octavo is outstanding. Our scheduled visits are not only supportive to us but to our parents as well. It is a relief to know that we are working with someone who understands the needs of our families as well as we do."

Izzy Forrester (Head of Year 11 & Head of Drama)
Archbishop Tenison's High School

"Our EWC’s support and professionalism to Archbishop Tenison’s has been invaluable. She is consistent and quick to respond and works emphatically with pupils and parents. The attendance systems are much more efficient as a result of her knowledge and understanding of attendance matters especially in matters of safeguarding; as a result we have seen improvements in our whole school attendance and as a school, we are more confident to act. She is a great support."