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Octavo NQT Services Now Available to Purchase

June 20th, 2018

We are pleased to announce that our NQT Services for the academic year 2018-19 are now available for schools and academies to purchase.

We are delighted to offer the bespoke NQT programme, run by the Chipstead Valley Teaching School Alliance and the Catholic Primary Schools Umbrella Trust, in partnership with Octavo, once more.

The 17 schools and academies which make up the partnership span from the North of Croydon to the furthest South of the borough and are committed to providing a fully comprehensive induction programme for NQTs and excellent CPD opportunities.  The partnership is based on positive relationships, mutual respect, high expectations, a pursuit for excellence and a detailed and up-to-date knowledge and understanding of the theory and practice of teaching.

Octavo Partnership will continue to act as an Appropriate Body for NQT Induction, providing a service that guarantees your teachers are supported from the very beginning of their induction year, through to final assessment and certification from the Teacher Regulation Agency (TRA).  We work with many schools across London boroughs which means that we can provide a consistent benchmarking standard for NQT induction training across school sites.

Unique to the service is the support available when NQTs experience difficulties.  Octavo’s NQT team has extensive experience meaning that, whatever situation arises, they can confidently support you from start to finish to ensure the best outcome.

We would be delighted to support your school or academy with our NQT Services.

For full details of the CPD Programme and AB Induction Service, please click HERE.  You can also book via Chipstead Valley Teaching School Alliance’s course booking page via their website, and completing the online booking form.

For additional details, please contact either  or