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Early Career Teacher

Croydon local authority offers a professional ‘Appropriate Body’ service that supports the induction of Early Career Teachers (ECTs) in all schools and settings. Our service provides guidance, advice and training relating to the induction process and quality assurance of your ECT provision.

Teacher Guidance

Starting in the teaching profession can be daunting. Our ECT service ensures your teachers are supported from the very beginning of their induction year, through to the final assessment and certification from the Teacher Regulation Agency (TRA).

Quality Assured

Through the ECT Induction Service we fulfil the statutory role of ‘appropriate body’, quality assuring the Induction ensuring that schools provide quality support for their ECTs, and that their assessment is fair and consistent.

Developing Careers

Octavo’s ECT service works in partnership with local schools, MATs and Teaching School Hubs in supporting the Early Career Framework (ECF), enabling ECTs to develop their knowledge and skills with a supportive cohort of peers.

Tutor Support

Octavo provides high quality information, guidance and training for induction tutors to support them in their role.  We offer an autumn network meeting for ECT mentors to foster peer-to-peer support, shared learning and an opportunity to share their challenges or concerns.

Extended support for early career teachers

Occasionally, there is the need for follow-up support on issues arising from ECT assessment or observations. Octavo’s specialist ECT consultancy team is available to do this – for example by talking through the options available with the school and ECT.

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