Teacher Recruitment Initiatives in Croydon

In response to the challenges of appointing outstanding staff, Octavo Partnership and the Croydon Headteachers Association (CHTA) have been working closely on teacher recruitment initiatives to raise Croydon’s profile as the destination of choice.

Croydon is one of London’s largest boroughs, with nearly 150 schools and colleges to serve the community.  The school population has been growing year on year and it follows that schools have been recruiting to jobs associated with this growth – from teachers and teaching assistants to caretakers and office staff.

In partnership with Croydon Headteacher’s Association, Octavo Partnership Ltd has been working on a number of initiatives which will give potential applicants direct access to school jobs in the borough, all in one place and, showcasing the teaching opportunities there are in Croydon.

The Croydon Teacher Recruitment Fair

At the heart of the project lies the Teacher Recruitment Fair (information document).

The next Croydon Teacher Recruitment Fair will be held on Saturday 2 February 2019. Participating Croydon schools and colleges gather at Croydon Park Hotel to meet delegates and discuss prospective positions and career opportunities, not just within their organisations, but Croydon borough as a whole. Training colleges and union representatives will also be in attendance. Experts will be on hand to offer advice and tips on applying for your first teaching job, returning or re-training as a teacher and progressing existing teacher leadership careers.
You’ll be able to hear first-hand the benefits of teaching in Croydon.

More teachers than ever before are turning to Croydon for careers in teaching, as 2018 Croydon Teacher Recruitment Fair showed.

The Croydon Headteacher Association (CHTA) hosted its third annual teacher recruitment fair on Saturday, 3 February at the Croydon Park Hotel in Croydon. The morning event highlighted a host of opportunities for new teachers, those interested in teaching and those already in the profession.

Around 48 schools, teacher training providers and trade union representatives attended, making it an ideal opportunity to hear about Croydon school vacancies and ways into teaching.

The response was fantastic with 190 attendees consisting of NQTs, overseas trained teachers, teaching assistants to headteachers.

The value of the event to all parties was highlighted in the feedback we received, for example:

“Thankyou – it was a great event. If repeated in the future, it will benefit a lot of people”  (attendee) and

 “The event surpassed my expectations – it was a fantastic opportunity to meet new teachers and those at other stages of their career” (Exhibitor)

Mohammed Ramzan, Principal and CEO Of John Ruskin College and 2017/8 CHTA Chair said: “Ours is a wonderful borough in which to work, and the young people of Croydon deserve the very best teachers. This fair attracted colleagues from across the region and demonstrated the quality of the opportunity that a teaching career in Croydon can bring. The partnership work to put on this fair between Octavo and CHTA demonstrates our shared determination to deliver excellence in our schools and colleges.”

If you would like further information about the Croydon Teacher Recruitment event or teaching in Croydon please email: teacher.recruitment@octavopartnership.org

Croydon Education Jobs

Looking for a teaching job in Croydon – then sign up to Croydon schools job board ! This dedicated website, managed by Octavo Partnership, gives applicants direct access to the current vacancies in the borough without the ‘middle man’. This is also a fantastic resource for Croydon schools to advertise for a very reasonable price. Visit www.croydoneducationjobs.org today to register and receive email alerts.